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My study of Mary Shelley??™s novel ???Frankenstein??? and Ridely Scott??™s science fiction movie ???Bladerunner??? were both powerfully influenced by their composing contexts. Investigating both texts together allows the responder to better understand the values of the time. The similar issues of mans unethical science leading to a God figure and the value of humanity and nature are more readily understood by comparing each composers ideas from their text.

Mary Shelley??™s gothic novel ???Frankenstein???, composed in the 19th century, inquires into the dangers of uncontrolled science. The novels epistolatory form engages the reader, with Shelly??™s use of the three narrators to maintain the integrity of her protagonists and allows the audience to make a judgement on the authenticity of their values. By paralleling Walton and Victor??™s characters Shelley further highlights Victor??™s strong desire for glory. Similarly to Walton, he expresses his companionship with ???this stranger???, ???I begin to love him as a brother??¦he must have been a noble creature??¦even now so attractive and amiable,??? thus reflecting the similar characteristics they share. Shelley criticises the intentions behind creating a second class, by showing the responder their arrogant behaviour ???A new species would bless me as its creator??? emphasising his sole focus on himself, rather than the results on his negligence. This is comparable to Ridley Scott in ???Bladerunner??? where the concept of the creation of a slave race is developed. This artificial creation Shelley establishes was influenced by Galvani??™s exploration into the animation of lifeless frogs. Scientific advancements were being made in medicine and society began to stray away from religious views, resulting in the development of unethical science. Victor only began to realise the ???catastrophe??? of his cations after his ???filthy creation??? had passed the point of no return and he was entrapped by his creation, ???Remember that I have power??¦You are my creator but I am your master.??? The Monster by saying this, show his dominance, of not just Victor but, mankind. This also highlights the inevitable threat of industry, which Shelley symbolises through the Monster, Similar to Ridely Scott??™s representation of the Replicants with commercialism in ???Bladerunner.??? Shelley was heavily influenced by the Industrial Revolution which was an important event at the time, as was Scott influence of Reaganism and its effect on society. Final concluding statement about the effects of science of humanity

should probably mention a little bit about what replicants are
In the 1970??™s commercialism, due to the election of Reagan, became widely spread and discovery of genetic engineering was becoming more prevalent. The gap between rich and poor was growing astronomically. Scott exaggerates this further in ???Bladerunner??? by placing Tyrell in a heavenly pyramid symbolising his foreboding power contrasted with J.F. Sebastian??™s home in the depths of rubbish and corruption. In the scene were Sebastian takes Roy Batty, a replicant, to Tyrell??™s home, the low angle shot ascending to the grand and God-like palace above, highlights the daunting fear of ???meeting your maker???. Scott presents Tyrell in white and God-like hallows presenting him with no remorse or affection towards his creation. Roy Batty claims Tyrell to be the ???God of Biomechanics??? creating a sense of superiority, over himself, although Roy Batty is in everyway advanced. All replicants are perfectly designed and have personal identities and first name, such as ???Roy??™ and ???Pris??™ whereas Tyrell, Deckard and Sebastian all are referred to by their last name. This contrasts with Shelley, creature, with no name and constantly referred to using somewhat diminutive objectives such as ???Devil??¦abhorred monster??¦wretch.??? Not needed. Final conclusion about… what is your main point in this paragraph

Throughout ???Farnkenstein??™, Mary Shelley shows the importance of the relationship between humanity and nature, and the romantic passion toward nature??™s beauty. Through Shelley??™s vivid description of the world around her it is evident how she was influenced by the Romantic movement of her time, ???beautiful season??¦plentiful harvest??¦luxuriant vintage??¦charms of nature.??? These evocative words amplify her relationship with nature being paramount. She clearly contrasts this prominent beauty with the repulsive Monster, ???yellow skin??¦horrid contrast??¦shrivelled complexion??? emphasising the beauty of nature and the hideous construction of man. The Romantic Movement battled with the Age of Rationalism, where a shift in beliefs and values, from emotion and feeling to logic and intellect (does not make sense…). Shelley??™s didactic novel aims to change and influence main stream thought and provide a warning about interfering with natural order.

Mention blade runner in the first sentence and introduce with scott rather than Shelley. Shelley??™s idolisation and representation of a utopia oppose Scott??™s pessimistic vision of the future predicting the dystopia and rapid growth of Multi-national Corporation that promotes consumerism on a global scale. Scott creates an ambiguous world with minimal nature through out the film. His continuing motif of the artificial owl represents false wisdom that Tyrell carries. This symbolises the idea of a false sense of knowledge and synthetic creation completely over-running the natural world. This idea is again repeated through the repetition of the eyes strengthening the lack of foresight and knowledge, signified through the large glasses Tyrell wears, revealing his naive actions. What is the theme of this paragraph Consumerism Back it up with more techniques for evidence. This paragraph isn??™t long enough.

By studying Scott and Shelley??™s text together, they have influenced my (aaah! No first person!) understanding of the influential composing contexts and personal societal values which culminate in the responder. The significance of studying both these text allowed me (!!!!!!!!!) to develop a greater understanding of the detrimental affects unethical science has on the relationship between nature and humanity.

??? Make sure the first and last sentence of each paragraph firmly state what the theme of each paragraph is about. A theisis!
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o Intro ??“ mention thesis 1 and thesis 2
o Frankenstein ??“ thesis 1
o Bladerunner ??“ thesis 1
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o Bladeunner ??“ thesis 2
o Conclusion ??“ mention thesis 1 and thesis 2

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