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This can be partly achieved by the merge with EnvironTech, but to make the merger successful from a human recourse aspect, and accomplish the strategic goals Interclean has set, a job analysis has to be done, followed by a workforce planning and finally a selection of the employees from a pool of potential applicants. The details of these steps are outlined in the paragraphs below.
Job Analysis
Job analysis is needed to make well founded decisions in companies As Cascio (2005) states, ???information obtained within a job analysis is useful for a number of business purposes???. These purposes could be hiring prospective employees that fit the company and help to realize its goals. It also provides a method for a methodical approach of finding the right people for the right positions.
To be success in the new environment and realize the strategic goals, the new team members should have the following characteristics:
Promoting products to achieve goals.
Customer service experience that includes customer problems analysis and solving.
Customer driven
Develops, implements, and sustains quality process improvements that focus on safety, financials, operations, and customer service.
Ability to use the telephone and computer as the primary instruments to perform job duties.
Have a continuous drive for developing and sustaining quality process improvements
Ability to multi-task, this includes ability to understand multiple products and multiple levels of benefits within each product
10.Some position in this occupation may be responsible for supervising employees. Orientation towards team environment.
11.Willing to work and contribute in a team environment.
12.Willing to change and work under a new and different environment.

Workforce Planning System
A manager to promote the new direction the company is following. This position would have to make sure that all promotions are communicated to new and potential customers.
Customer service representative. With this position InterClean will be able to build and maintain the long customer relationships that are needed.
Outside sales representatives
Jim Martin would e a very good candidate to fill t this positions as he is described as someone who takes care of the customer and meeting if not exceeding the sales plan. The ability to try new ways to boost the sales is a need in this position as InterClean want to grow
Promotion manager
Shane Huck is very well suited for the promotion manager aspect as he likes to close new account and is aggressive in his way of doing so
Customer service representative
Tom Gonzalez is best fitted for the position as customer service representative as he enjoys establishing long term relationships and also has experience in the cleaning business.
Outside sales representative 1
Susan Burnt has the characteristics for a successful sales representative. She has a lot of experience and belongs to the InterClean business. She likes to close the deal but also gives attention to the customer after the deal is closed.
Outside sales representative 2
Ving Hsu worked atEnvironTech, he therefore can bring a lot of expertise to the sales team that will help to succeed the team in accomplishing the goals of the new strategy. He Likes to train employee and customers and is very customer oriented.
The advantage of this method is that it enables the employer and the applicant to meet face to face. It also enables to interview the applicant about the past job positions and about his/her performance and also to make certain observations that can or cannot either confirm the manager??™s impression.
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