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New Campus Recruiter
Too much too soon for the ABC, Inc. new campus recruiter Carl Robbins, who after just six months on the job along with his inexperience became too much for him after hiring 15 new trainees on his first recruitment effort. This was the beginning of many things to go wrong for Carl Robbins, his attempt for a smooth transitional orientation, was hoping to have the15 newly hired trainees working for the Operations Supervisor Monica Carrolls by July.
Carl Robbins did everything he was supposed to do to meet the July deadline by scheduling a new hire orientation for June 15th. On May 15th the Operations Supervisor Monica Carrolls contacted Carl Robbins concerning several tasks that had to be completed before the June 15th date, such as the training schedule, orientation, manuals for each trainee, policy booklets for each trainee, physicals and drug testing, all which Carl Robbins assured Monica Carrolls that all tasks were going as scheduled.
Shortly after Memorial Day, Carl began reviewing the new trainee files; this is when Carl Robbins found several problems that concerned him. Carl Robbins found that some of the new hire trainee applications were incomplete, drug screening on the new hire were not completed, and some of the orientation manuals were not completed as some manuals were missing pages.
After all that Carl Robbins decided to check the status of the conference room that Carl had reserved for the new hire orientation, where Carl Robbins encountered Joe, a technology service man setting up computers, Carl approached and questioned Joe, Joe informed Carl that he had reserved the conference room for the entire month of June.
Carl??™s Key Problems
Carl was new himself only employed for six months
Carl had no one to guide him with company procedures that are set in place
Carl needs an organized checklist
Carl had no one to delegate to
Assuring the Operations Supervisor Monica Carrolls that everything was on schedule
Time frame when Carl Robbins found that there were a host of issues like:
Incomplete new hire trainee applications
Incomplete orientation manuals (only three copies, missing pages)
Some transcripts were not on file
None of the new hire trainees had completed the mandatory drug screening
Verifying the reservation of the conference room
Alternatives for Carl Robbins
Realizing the host of issues that Carl Robbins has in front of him, Carl needs to start over from the beginning and begin a priority list with deadlines and completion dates, form a game plan, begin initiating the plan, then present all this to Monica Carrolls the Operations Supervisor with the situation as it stands, the new game plan and how Carl is resolving the issues.
All this needs to be presented in a proposal to Monica so that the confidence level Monica might have on Carl??™s professional abilities is not diminished, then Carl needs to ask for temporary assistance, to help with the speedy process of processing the 15 new hire trainees that is needed if Carl Robbins is to meet the July deadline, Carl??™s priorities are to first schedule and notify the new hire trainees of the mandatory drug screening, and while waiting on the drug screening results Carl Robbins and his assistant need to enter each new hire trainees transcripts are on file and verified, after the results of each drug screen result each new hire trainee is to come in and complete their application, Carl or his assistant will verify all information of each application, each process verified and checked off Carl??™s priority list and indicate the completion date and determine if Carl is on track with the time schedule presented to Monica Carrolls the Operation Supervisor, and notify Monica of his progress, and the assurance of meeting the schedule deadline.
Carl or his assistant needs to obtain and verify the correct amount of orientation manuals (minimum 15) and verify that the manuals are complete and no pages are missing, once this is complete, Carl can now see the light at the end of the tunnel, but Carl is not finished, he now needs to meet with the technology department and see if there is a compromise and or create a plan B for the situation, obtain another conference room, to have the orientation in a larger office, to reserve a conference room in a large Hotel like the Marriott, Holiday Inn or come up with something creative, that everything is complete and ready. Once complete Carl can now meet the deadline set and Carl can now notify Monica.
Case Study
One question should be, was Monica Carrolls Carl??™s manager or did Carl have another; nevertheless, Carl became frustrated because he was unorganized and he just realize how bad the situation was. Carl had no one overseeing Carl??™s large recruitment assignment. Carl showed no signs of organization, Carl showed no signs of training, Carl had no one to delegate to, Carl did not manage his time well and Carl confirmed nothing, assuming everything was going well.
All this was evident with the realization of issues with everything, mandatory drug screening, orientation manuals, transcripts and the reservation of the conference room.
Carl frustrated himself, and knew he had to inform Monica Carrolls, who was not aware of the situation that Carl was in.
Proposed Solutions and Recommendations
Here are proposed solutions and recommendations for ABC, Inc. beginning with scheduling, preparing and initiating new hire employees in large groups in a large organization is a very complex task that requires careful planning and coordination with multiple departments working together to accomplish the same goal.
Other tasks like overseeing properly completed applications and transcripts, mandatory drug screening, properly scheduled new hire orientations, and other tasks associated with successfully recruiting new hires. Large organizations like ABC, Inc. pride themselves on the highly educated and qualified employees therefore require new hire employees be trained and confirm that each new hire employee has a clear understanding of all company policies and has a clear and written understanding of what is expected of them before employees and are placed into positions and are clearly monitored for at least a minimum of 90 days (standard probation period). Each new hire employee be placed with a mentor to ensure proper training, this is something that should occur beginning with ABC, Inc. new campus recruiter Carl Robbins and with the assistance of others in his department and overseen by and supervisor or manager to ensure proper and professional implementation of all new hire employees. Although Carl Robins experienced the reality of what it was like to handle management duties, he also came to the realization that it takes preparation, careful planning and collaboration with others, to get the job done.???