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Career Development Plan I

Mariam Ibrahim
October 25, 2010
Tracey Durden

InterClean made a merger with EnviroTech so as to enhance their services in the health care industry; in addition they need full-service cleaning solutions to their cleaning products. The $8 billion dollar institutional and industrial cleaning and sanitation industry, success is no longer about the product that works. InterClean??™s goals is to present a complete variety of cleaning services and solutions, which will become their major opportunity for as mush sales as possible (InterCLean, 2005). The midlevel sales managers must have the appropriate knowledge and the understanding of the fundamentals of job descriptions and job analysis.

Job Analysis

???Regardless of how job analysis is collected, it usually includes information about the tasks to be done on the job, as well as the personal characteristics (education, experience, specialized training, and personality) necessary to do the tasks??? (Cascio, 2005). A job analysis is very crucial for every organization to know what it lacks so as to fill the gap with the appropriate employees. The three common methods of a job analysis are observation, interviews, and structured questionnaires.

The observation method is used to observe the employees in their field. This will provide the analyst with a clear vision of the employee behavior on-the-job and how he solves problems. The two types of interviews are, one of them is interviewing the employee, who provides the analyst with the information needed, the second is interviewing the client, who provides the analyst with the feedback of the customer on the company??™s products. This type of interview frames the job description for the employee. The structured questionnaire is a quick method to survey variety and larger amounts of jobs geographically.

These are only the advantages of these methods, which have disadvantages as well; the observation method may not provide the useful information if it is used solely. The interviewing method can cause misleading of motives and make them not to be honest in their answers. Structured questionnaire are time-consuming, have the capability to lead to misunderstanding and impersonal. Each method relates to another, if separated will not be efficient solely.

InterClean will have meetings with supervisors at hospitals and cleaning companies to discuss the needs and to monitor the performance of new tasks. The supervisors and personnel will complete surveys and questionnaires that may help in gathering the suitable information. After gathering the information, the job description and specifications of a salesperson will be comprehensible.

The job description of a salesperson must know how to do multiple tasks at the same time. As he is the frontline in bringing in revenue, the organization must employ the most skillful sales staff. The strength of the staff will verify the amount of the revenue the company desires. As a result, InterClean will have the capabilities to prove itself in the health care industry.

Here are some of the tasks a salesperson must have an entry-level of the following:

1. Provide accurate and timely data for management.
2. Must maintain the understanding of products and services available.
3. Maintain client relationships.
4. Construct product-related presentations.
5. Scheduling appointments.
6. Closing new businesses to sustain individual sales goals.

Workplace Planning System

The merger will obtain a new work environment for the organization. This change will benefit InterClean in many ways, mostly for better profits for the organization; however the customer will gain by retaining better products. This will depend on the right staffing of salespersons; they must have the suitable basic requirements for the industry. ??? Workplace is broadly an effort to anticipate future business and environmental demands on an organization, and to provide qualified people to fulfill that business and satisfy those demands??? (Casico, 2005).

The Four workforce planning systems are,
1. Talent Inventories are the procedure to appraise current human resources (skills, abilities, and potential) and to analyze how they are used.
2. A workforce forecast is to forecast future employee requirements such as the number of workers needed, the number expected to be available based on labor market characteristics, the skills mix required, internal versus external labor supply.
3. Action plans are to expand the qualification of people interviewed to fill the projected vacancies through actions as recruitment, selection, training, placement, transfer, promotion, development, and compensation.
4. Control and evaluation are the procedure to provide feedback on the effectiveness of the human resource planning system, by observing the degree of attainment of HR objectives.
This merger will provide the two companies with the quantity of employees needed. They will not need additional staff to recruite; however training is important to have the caliber staff that the industry desires. The action plan will create a diverse sales team, which will help to process the closure of each transaction.

Selection and Staffing

Before the recruitment process, three methods the analyst has to use. Personal history, peer evaluation, and customer survey will help the human resources to identify the prospected employees. Personal history identifies the person??™s history in previous sales positions. Peer evaluation will reflect the good work relations such as communication and problem solving. Customer survey allows the salesperson to know his performance by receiving the customer??™s feedback.

The following candidates are selected to reflect the organization??™s new image:
1. Jim Martin-Vice president of sales for InterClean
??? He has the experience wanted and knowledgeable sales manager in the industrial cleaning and sanitation industry.
??? He has a reputation of good customer relations.
??? He is not afraid to try new ideas to achieve sales.
2. Tom Gonzales-Sales manager for EnviroTech
??? He has been in the industrial cleaning industry for more than 25 years.
??? He establishes long-term relationships with customers.
??? His ability to lead a team and for his expertise in developing solutions-based products for the customer.

3. Ving Hsu-Outside sales representative
??? He is very knowledgeable, available to customers at any time.
??? He works with customers and performs training seminars on a regular basis to help train the employees of his customers.
??? He is a good problem solver.

4. Eric Borden-Outside sales representative for EnviroTech
??? He has a solid reputation for servicing the customer and helping the customer.
??? He has performed the role of team leader on several special projects, which contributed to the financial growth.
??? Keeps with updates of the current trends.

5. Susan Burnt-Outside sales representative for InterClean
??? She is aggressive in closing the sale, yet she understands the importance of providing excellent ???after the sale??? service.
??? She has been to different roles during her years in the company and succeeded in each of them.
??? Many years of experience.

The proper planning and staffing are very crucial to any company. These chosen candidates are efficient and will achieve the company??™s goal. The company will gain varies of benefits because of this merger, which combined two different and powerful companies into one. David Spencer, the president of InterClean made this move because he wants more goals to be achieved. As he wants to align the organization??™s structure around his vision to present a complete variety of cleaning services and solutions, which will become their major opportunity for as mush sales as possible.


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