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Career Development Plan III

The new sales team was selected just a few months ago. We have provided them with the necessary means to get the job done, it is time to implement a plan to carry out these expectations. A career path or plan is important because it assists with the preparing one for growth and development while with a company. With this information at hand, each sales rep will know where they need to be and where they want to go. The knowledge each one attains from this plan will allow them to build in areas of weaknesses and enhances those areas of strength. This also helps each rep understand what is expected of them and what their future entails with InterClean. At this time, it is pertinent to do performance appraisals and other ways to manage your career. A performance appraisals are tools that help not only the employee but give management a way to be subjective. They also provide a reward system to employees. Most employers, even InterClean, have a pay to perform system which means an employee is paid on the basis of how they are performing their job duties and specifications within the company and allows clients to give feedback. As a manger, I will give criticism where needed to let them know who they measure up to the standards, strengths and weaknesses, set by manager or company. When it is time to give this increase, employees and managers may not agree on what the is considered fair, especially the employee. Most employees feel as if they are over-worked and underpaid. The manager has to let the employees know there is a set number set aside to give each person an increase in pay and they can not offer anymore, basically a take it or leave it situation. it is important that the employee understands and knows why they are getting a standard, average, or an above average increase. A manger that does not have the proper training to give these appraisals will not be able to deliver the information in a manner that is helpful to the employee??™s understanding what the appraisal/ performance is about. I will let you all know two weeks before these reviews so you can adjust your appointment books to make these meetings/ interviews. Appraisals provide employee feedback, can help identify organizational problems and also can help employees improve work performance??? (Cascio, 2005).

Most managers will allow others to give feedback about the employee??™s ability to get their work done, then will critique after he/she has provided an evaluation of how they see their work. these meetings may be a stressful factor but will help the morale and attitude of everyone. Some other areas will cover how your personality and character have been when dealing with the clients including their feedback too. With my feedback, you will understand my need to teach or hit on any areas you may need assistance. As of now, these interviews will be conducted every six months, or twice a year so you can develop the interests of your clients and any problems on your career path. Here are some of the areas that will be achieve:
* Managing one??™s performance
* Redefining sales objectives
* Personal strengths and direction
* Team roles and building
* And counseling with feedback.
When all this information is detailed, the reps should have some kind of clear path to follow and know how to get there. These face-to-face opportunities are vital to the organization??™s growth and how it??™s employees are affected.

After the company see a substantial growth in sales especially healthcare, we will begin to offer special incentives such as educational assistance, possible childcare, and other incentive packages. The educational assistance will help you with any skills necessary needed to advance your training in sales.

If you are an employee and your employer has yet to embrace or even acknowledge these concepts, do them a favor at your own appraisal and suggest they look at these ideas, or maybe mention it at your exit interview prior to joining a better employer who cares about the people, not just the work. the useful tools for appraisals to help people understand their natural potential and strengths and to help managers understand this about their people too. There are a lot of people out there who are in jobs which dont allow them to use and develop their greatest strengths; so the more we can help folk understand their own special potential, and find roles that really fit well, the happier we shall all be.
???Appraisals provide employee feedback, can help identify organizational problems and also can help employees improve work performance??? (Cascio, 2005).