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Running head: Career Development Plan Summary

Assignment: Career Development Plan Summary
Kevin T. King
University of Phoenix
HRM/531 Human Capital Management
Facilitator: Robert Hozian
January 26, 2010

Career Development Plan Summary

January 26, 2010
Memo To: Upper Management Supervisory Team
From: Kevin T. King
Subject: Business Proposal Development Plan
As you are aware by now, InterClean has moved in a new direction of expanding and has now acquired EnviroTech. Our President and CEO David Spencer has envisioned our goal to provide a full spectrum of cleaning services and solutions that will become our major avenue for sales. My first task that has been assigned to me with my new promotion to a midlevel management position is to develop a proposal for upper-management in the restructuring of our sales and marketing teams. This proposal will outline in detail the job descriptions and qualifications for five new positions and a training program to introduce and enhance the skills and qualifications of new and current employees to the company. I have also proposed in the following a clear method for evaluating my team performance and challenges of the team performance that will include appraisal systems and team motivation and expectations. This proposal will also include a compensation and benefits package for my sales and marketing team that is fair and strategies for managing employee??™s career development that include promotions, educational opportunities and accommodations for diversity.

Job Analysis Information:

The overall purpose of the sales and marketing team will entail under the newly proposed solutions/service model, our reps will be grouped into multi-functional teams prepared to support InterClean??™s high-quality service. Our sales team will be instructed in development of full-range service packages tailored to individual accounts. Our team will be trained to engage directly with facilities managers, health care professionals, and operational executives in their customer??™s organizations. As sales mangers out team must stay constant and dedicated to the training of laws and regulations.

Job Descriptions and qualifications:

This proposal recommends the job creation for four sales reps that must be diverse and qualified in the following six areas for this sales and marketing team. It is the my recommendation after conducting research and analysis of fortune magazine??™s to ten successful business??™s, that this sales and marketing team include one-first level management position to assist in the day-to-day operations for this sales and marketing team. The acquisition of EnviroTech has given our company the advantage of hiring sales reps from EnviroTech who believe in developing long-term relationships with their customers, and work as a team. These attributes combined with our InterClean employee values will provide us the tools and knowledge to accomplish our sales team goals. I have chosen Eric Borden who has a quality reputation in the sanitation business. Eric has worked for EnviroTech for the past 14 years and I have chosen him because of his experience as a team leader. Eric brings strong attributes to the team such as serving the customer and helping the customer get the best products for the best prices. Eric will be the go to person on keeping our sales team current with latest industrial cleaning and sanitation industry developments. Eric will also be a one of the four sales reps.
Tom Gonzales will be the second sales rep for our team. To has a strong ability to lead and his expertise in developing solutions-based products for the customer. Tom will assist the sales team for customers to come to if there are problems. Dennis White is the third sales rep for our sales team. Dennis is diversified and experienced in sales and Dennis is also aggressive in prospecting new clients. Dennis will carry the responsibility on regional searches for new clients. Ving Hsu will be the fourth sales rep for our sales team; Ving brings the experience to the team in sales and has the ability to network within the sanitation industry. Ving will assist with the responsibility of training our sales team on the use of products within the InterClean inventory. I have chosen Jim Martin as the first-level manager for the sales team. Jim has sales experience and is a proven manager in the industry. Jim will carry the responsibility of overseeing the day-to-day operations of the sales team and will run point on forecasting sales plans that will assist our team in exceeding sales and will assist the four other sales reps on establishing techniques for our team in the development and establishment of long term client relations.
1. Candidates must be diversified in sales training and marketing. A minimum of five years experience is required to perform the sales duties of InterClean??™s sales team. Candidates must have experience in customer service and the management of private customer accounts and consulting in the sanitation business. Sales managers must have a background in accounting and finance with experience in the budgeting of company expenditures.
2. Computer software applications. Use and application of computer software tools ranging from word processing to spreadsheet-based economic analyses to modeling proposed sales accounts. Abilities required: Use of computer based spreadsheets, graphics, word processing, and database management programs. Ability and knowledge in development software for project scheduling for customer service accounts and records for full service clients.
3. Writing communications. Preparation of memos, letters, and existing and potential client target reports designed to address InterClean customers and InterClean employees and management executive personal. Proper English grammar, spelling, punctuation, and sentence structure; ability to organize and compile relevant information to be used in reports; and ability to communicate effectively in English in a clear, concise, organized manner.
4. individual and group interactions. Provision of sanitation technical expertise face to fact and by telephone interaction. Must have ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships in a variety of contexts, and with people from a variety of backgrounds.
5. Education: Candidates must have a Bachelors degree in business or marketing. (Masters of business administration preferred). Candidates must be willing to further education for advancement opportunity.
6. Legal knowledge of sanitation business is required. Candidates must be familiar and demonstrate the ability to keep up with all federal regulations and legislation in reference to the sanitation business at all times.

Training Program:

With the development and projection of success for our new sales team we must emphasize training in order to be successful. Jim Martin is responsible for the training and mentoring for our sales and marketing team. Jim will be conducting mandatory training sessions every Monday and Friday. Jim Martin will serve as and provide all mentoring needs in the beginning of our sales team??™s workplace training. Each member of the sales and marketing team will be introduced to E-Learning as part of our training program. Jim Martin will serve as the instructor and will also implement classroom training along with the E-Learning project that will provide him with hands on knowledge of the effectiveness of our training program. Through the training and mentoring program, our sales team will become knowledgeable in the legal, environmental, safety, ethical and regulatory issues that affect sanitation and cleaning within the sanitation industry. This training will also provide how to establish cliental and sales techniques. The purpose of this training is to increase technical skills and provide our team with expertise that will provide the customer with products that are affective and provide customers with first hand knowledge and use in detail to gain the confidence of the customer as well as the trust and respect. Our team objective is to become proficient with all solution-based sanitation products and the purpose and function of those products.

Method For Evaluating Employee and Team Performance:

This proposal calls for the implementation by management of employee evaluating and measuring of team performance. The 360-degree feedback system will be used in evaluating employee and team performance. This system will provide individual performance information as seen by all member of the team and sent to the individual who is being rated. The sales and marketing team finds this to be an advantage as we strive to achieve a higher level of performance to achieve InterClean??™s goal of becoming a dominant force within the global market of sanitation services and products. The 360- degree feedback system will include observations from different perspectives by all members of the sales team. This system will provide team members with the complexities of an individual??™s performance as seen by the peers. This appraisal of individual performance will be conducted every three months for the first as InterClean moves forward in the market place as the superior sanitation company in the global market. Each member of the team will be required to provide feedback on communication skills, organization skills, project and team planning and research, and behavioral information as well. It is proposed that this appraisal system for evaluating employee??™s will serve as beneficial and provide each member of the sales team with more constructive and beneficial feedback as compared to a Forced Ranking system. Research has proven that a Forced Ranking can create controversy when employees are ranked against one another. InterClean could avoid class-action lawsuits that would involve accusations of management attempting to discriminate in assigning grades.

Challenges of Team Performance evaluation:

Appraisals provide legal and formal organizational justification for employment decisions that will allow InterClean to promote the outstanding performers as seen by their peers. Team performance evaluation can be challenging, but our 360-degree appraisal system will help diagnose team performance problems that will strengthen our training needs and characteristics in hiring consideration and methods for years to come. There are some difficulties when evaluating team performance that include some attendance problems, appearance of the team, dependability of individual team members, quality of work combined with the quantity of work by individuals and their relationship with other people as well as job knowledge. The 360-degree system will help management with feedback in reference to the above concerns that can go unseen, but with this system they will not go unseen for extended amounts of time which will give management the opportunity to promote and weed out individuals on a team. Social loafing may be a concern all companies including here at InterClean. Our management responsibilities include the discouragement of social loafing by practicing techniques though recognition, incentive contests and accountability measurements. Team motivations and expectations will be discussed and goals and expectations will be talked about every Monday and Friday during team training. Management has the responsibility through mentoring methods to motivate those team members who fall short on team and individual expectations and through this mentoring we are confident that shortfalls can be overcome with positive reinforcement of team goals and expectations. Merit based plans such as annual pay raises based on team and individual performance levels can be used to motivate sales teams to achieve the peak performance management expects.
Individual equity can bring the moral of a sales team down at any moment. All members of the team will be making the same base salary and doing the same work. Individual equity can become a problem if members of the same sales team are doing the same work for the same pay type system, but if members of the team engage in social loafing, individual equity problems can arise causing hard working sales rep to find it relatively unfair and unjust if others are making the same money when giving nothing to the team in return. Again, through the 360-degree appraisal system, even equity problems to sales teams can be solved before the overall goal of the team fails. Individual employee responsibilities towards the team are understanding the team training and being accountable if they don??™t understand the goals and training information that is given out on a weekly basis. In this proposal I cannot emphasize enough that each sales team member must have an individual understanding of each position on the team in order to be successful and ensure the continuation of objectives in the event something happens to a member of the team.

Incentives and benefits packages:

Incentives packages will be based on team and individual performance. Every six months if the sales team reached or exceeded sales goals a $2000.00 bonus will be given to each member of the team. This incentive can be used to help discourage social loafing and ensure InterClean upper management that this sales team is attempting to energize from the mid-level manager to the level one manager to motivate our team in developing a hunger for success. Incentives like this will influence positive attitudes towards work performance and bring employee loyalty to the company and develop a general individual feeling of satisfaction. Other incentives will include a $500.00 a month bonus for each of the four sales reps who reach projected number sales every month. The level one manger will receive a $3000.00 bonus every month when each member of the sales team exceeds their sales numbers by 30 percent or he will receive a $1000.00 bonus if all four sales reps just reach their projected numbers. The four sales reps will receive health care benefits of an HMO plan that will be paid 60 percent by the employer and 40 percent by the employee. Each sales rep will be given two weeks paid vacation every year and granted maternity paid at 50 percent their base salary for six weeks.
Sales reps will be paid $450.00 a week salary and 20 percent commission on sales. Level one manager will be paid $700.00 a week base salary plus 2 percent on all commissions by the four sales reps and 35 percent commission on his own sales. Level one manager will receive company vehicle and a company credit card to host dinners with potential clients and sales reps in his/her networking process. Through mentoring we believe we can manage sales reps career development plans and with appraisals we can justify and make decisions on promotions, and through our training efforts we can make accommodations for diversity in workplace life, dual career parents flexible scheduling accommodations can be made. A tuition reimbursement program of 50 percent of all business classes can be paid for by InterClean for those who wish to extend and further their education.

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