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Career Development Plan Part I
Learning Team A
University of Phoenix
Human Capital Management/HRM 531
October 15, 2011
Prof. Zulma Medina – Rivera

Career Development Plan Part I
The new InterClean team for Puerto Rico is a diverse one. This new personnel are fluent in Spanish which is extremely useful in a market like this one in the island. They are a great team and have leadership skills that will be very beneficial as well. The following members compose the team: for the Sales Manager position, Mr. Jim Martin and for Sales Representatives positions we have Tom Gonzalez, Eric Borden, Ving Hsu and Terry Garcia.
Even though they know that Puerto Rico is part of the United States, they have to follow federal guidelines like in the mainland. Also, they know that they still require and have different needs when it comes to doing business. The Puerto Rican market is a very different one and requires them to engage themselves in the way of doing business and its culture. Therefore, the new team must be given the necessary tools so they could start and be able to do their job correctly.
Job Analysis
One of the most important steps when planning the implementation of a new strategy is the definition and forecast of the resources that are necessary to carry out this change into the right direction. It is crucial for smart decision-making regarding the people-related needs of your organization to analyze the overall of your strategy plan, outline a full description of the different tasks that are require to achieve the objective of that strategy, together with the skills, knowledge, training, and experience needed from the workforce to achieve the desired performance, and a clear idea of what needs to be done, with who, and how (Cascio, 2005). To organize this information about the jobs required and the people needed for the Puerto Rico??™s subsidiary, InterClean??™s Human Resources, together with David Spencer, CEO of InterClean, will formulate a job analysis. InterClean job analysis information will have a broader definition of the jobs required for the strategy to have more clear view of the positions needed.
The content of this job analysis work consists of the main purpose or purposes of the job in question; the tasks and duties to be performed; the level of education, training, and experience that it may required, the location where the job should be performed, the range of environmental, health and safety conditions, and the overall range of tools, work aids, and required machines that the worker will be in contact with will working on his/her regular daily basis. Nevertheless, the main purpose of this job analysis is to summarize and organize this information in order to construct the task and worker requirements needed to implement this strategy in forms of job descriptions and job specifications (Cascio, 2005).
Job Analysis Methods
The best way to document the information of this job analysis is by creating a report. This report would summarize all the information gathered as a result of certain methods used to undergo this analysis research. According to Cascio (2005), the best methods to be used to gather the information for the job analysis should be those that relate best with the main purpose of the research of the analysis. This means that the method to be used will depend on the use that will be given to this analysis. Therefore, the methods that InterClean would be using for this information would be interviews, observations, and critical incidents. These methods have chosen to be best that fists the purpose of the research, which is obtaining information for the definition of job requirements in order to create job descriptions for the future positions. The job analysis report would be created combining these methods in the following order:
* An employee or employees would be observed while performing the job related to the desire position. The observer would be taking notes about the common tasks and functions that the employee would be completing and involved with on a regular basis, the amount of interaction the employee has with other workers, and the equipment and tools involved in the process and performance of this job. This kind of method is very useful when the job that??™s being researched is physical, because being exposed directly where the action takes place would give the researcher a more real and richer definition of the job. Nevertheless, this method could be not as dependable for jobs that are mostly mentally performed because the information acquire from it wouldn??™t be enough.
* While documenting the essential parts of the jobs, other forms of documentation would be required such as face-to-face interviews or personal encounters, where employees that perform similar tasks or occupied the position would contacted for their own description and perspective of the job they perform. The employee would be inquired about what he/she thinks would be the required skills, tasks and qualifications of the job. Interviews are a very good source of information because the worker can outline an analysis of the information together with standard and nonstandard facts of the job. Also, the worker can give out information of activities that are not part of the regular job functions. Although, since the description comes from the workers perspective, this information may not be as reliable.
* When information of the basics of the job have being noted, the researcher would focus on gathering reports of effective and ineffective worker behaviors while performing a certain job. This method gives the opportunity of having an overview of the dynamics involving the job. This is a great chance to measure and observe behaviors that can be very useful for the job analysis. On the other hand, this process takes too much time because of the amount of information that could gather up, and an average behavior could not be determined (Potts, 1999-2011).
Once this information is gathered as a result of methods previously mentioned, the researcher would proceed on creating an overview of the job position, including the name of the department related to the job, the title of the position, a list of essential and desirable duties or functions involving the position, the main responsibilities, the reason or purpose for this position, together with its objectives and goals determined. The description should outline a list of the machinery and technologies involve and needed for this position particularly, and if training should be required in order for certain task to be performed efficiently (Potts, 1999-2011).
Finally, the information of the job analysis should include a clear view of the amount of interaction that the employee performing this job should have with other workers and why. That is, the kind or work relation they should have with one another if required. This also would provide an outlook of personal requirements for this position, that is to say, if the position would require the employee to be more friendly or charismatic, in order for the applicant to be successful on his/her position. To ensure that sets of right competencies for the position in question are outline properly, the researcher would construct a competency model. This competency model would identify a full range of characteristics, knowledge, abilities, and skills that would be essential for the applicant to have in order to achieve effective performance and to be successful on the position. Cascio states that ???an understanding of the available competencies is necessary to allow the organization to plan for the changes to new jobs required by corporate goals??? (Cascio, W.F. 2005. Analyzing for Work and Planning for People, p.2). Therefore, these competency levels would help the company have a clear vision of the competencies of its workforce in order to design new positions for the new strategy. This competency model would be added to the information acquired for the job description as a way to connect the context and objectives of the business to the individual competencies required. Depending of the accuracy and well-driving of this report, the organization would have a clear understanding of the positions that would suit best the strategy to be implemented in Puerto Rico successfully.
Workforce Planning System
According to Cascio (2005), workforce plan have to be build and design in correlation with the business strategy and the Human Resources (HR) strategy. The business strategy will outline the objectives, goals, and context of the business and the HR strategy will align the resources, policies, and procedures to that business strategy. HR strategies also help the implementation of strategies to be easier, and run smoothly. To understand what its needed in short-term as for the new direction that InterClean wants to take in Puerto Rico, the company have undergo a tactical plan. This tactical plan will help understand what??™s needed now and why. As a result, the company has created a workforce planning system that would integrate talent inventory, to determine how current resources are being use according to their skills and knowledge, and the competencies of this current workforce; a workforce forecast, to predict and measure people-related requirements, like how many employees are needed; actions plans, to have a broader scope of candidates; and control and evaluation, to identify possible causes of deviations for the plan by monitoring and gathering feedback.
The company has already established its business strategy to make business better: offer a solution-based direction that would allow customer to have a full-solutions service package. This would include training and seminars for customer??™s employees for better use of this new strategy. The other important business point on the plan is that this strategy is the implementation of this plan in the new subsidiary in Puerto Rico. The main issue is to provide a leadership sales team to set the drive of easy-flow of this strategy with success in a foreign country. As part of the workforce planning, the company has determined to open five new positions to start-up business in Puerto Rico: one sales manager, and four sales representatives. Having this direction on mind, the workforce planning system would go as follows:

The workforce planning system would start up by establishing the context of the strategic and business plan in order to define the strategy and performance of Human Resources, and incorporate both plans. By setting the strategic direction, the workforce planning process will be connected with the strategy and business plan, and the work activities that this strategy will require. Under the workforce planning process, the organization will evaluate the workforce characteristics that the organization already have, and the ones that will need to accomplish the strategy plan-including what type of workers and managers will needed, and how many- and how the distribution of these characteristics will be perform. This information will narrow the search for the particular workforce needed for this strategy to be implemented for this exact purpose and location. Then, the organization will do an environmental scan to see what internal and external factors could affect the forecast of supply and demand. After the scan has been made, the results will outline future discrepancies or gaps to be analyze and evaluate.
Next, the development of the action plans should be crucial to address these gaps resulted from the data gathered on the scan, and therefore proceed to close the gaps after identifying the causes. This action plan should be implementing after setting the requirements of the workforce. By implementing the action plan, the company makes sure that all roles are set up, tasks are understood, and resources are in place to achieve the objectives of the strategy. Finally, these action plan should be evaluated and monitor in order to ensure effective outcomes. These outcomes, in turn, will assure that the company finds the require talent to adapt to the needs of the new strategy in Puerto Rico, and that the strategy will achieve the desire outcomes.
Selection Methods
According to Cascio (2005), it is important to keep in mind that all employment application forms must ask only for information that is valid and fair with respect to the nature of the job. Having the above statement in mind, the selected employees were chosen based on the results of a proper selection process. After analyzing the job requirements and having all the right candidates the next step was the preliminary interview. Because all candidates were part of the company, their history performance records were very useful to determine which the best candidates for this assignment were. The next step implemented was the selection tests fallowed by employment interviews. Once the decision was made, the selected employees were asked to perform a physical examination in order to finish the selection process.
One of the selection methods used to select the employees was the use of Personality Measures. This test, measures the five personality characteristics most relevant to performance at work. The first one is Neuroticism and it measures the degree to which an individual is insecure, anxious, depressed, and emotional versus calm, self confident, and cool. Extraversion, it compares an individual??™s degree of assertiveness and social behavior versus reserved, timid and quiet. Openness to Experience measures the degree to which an individual is creative, curious, and cultured versus practical with narrow interests. Agreeableness, concerns the degree of an individual??™s warmness and agreeable versus cold, disagreeable and antagonistic. Conscientiousness measures the degree to which an individual is organized and hard working versus lazy disorganized and unreliable. (Cascio, 2005)
Cascio (2005), states that the use of these tests are valid predictors of performance, but their accuracy will differ and depend on the nature of the job. A disadvantage of this method is that an applicant may fake the responses in order to make a positive impression.
Other selection method used was the Interview. If the Interview is well designed and properly conducted, it allows the interviewer to gather information, which would not be able to gather by any other means. Another advantage of this method is that it can predict job performance over and above cognitive abilities. (Cascio, 2005). The disadvantages of this method are that the interviewer may be influenced by first impressions and nonobjective factors. (Cascio 2005)
Drug Screening is another selection method that was used for selecting the right candidates for the team. According to Cascio (2005), 95% of Fortune 500 companies now are implementing this method to their selecting process because many studies made on this subject have demonstrated a common factor between drug abuse and misconduct in the workplace and absenteeism. One of the advantages of this method is that it promotes a safer workplace environment and guarantees a better performance of the employees.
???Rational choice theorists treat individual consumers or companies as the basic decision making units??? (Huebsch, 2011, para 3) The decision to enter a market in Puerto Rico, led the company to make decisions according to the plan developed and according to the positions approved. Puerto Rico has been considered an open market opportunities especially with new companies coming from abroad. In the case of InterClean is not an exception. They want to make an impact as soon as possible in this new market. They want to make an impact on the sales area, as it is one of the strengths of this select group. Each has a particular area of expertise??™s that can be impact, example of this is Jim Martin who through their years of experience in developing strategies which have been excited. This is where the rest of the team that is with a vast of experience can achieve the targets set and add new tools to the work plan according to the diversity with which you can find.
Team Selection
1. Jim Martin (Sales Manager)
He is an experienced and knowledge sales manager in the industrial cleaning and sanitation industry. He shows aggressive in taking initial concept in achieving new sales ideas. Martin has a reputation for taking great care of customers. He is customer-oriented, attentive on reaching sales goals, and always available to change. He brings to the team experience in the field, willingness to use creative techniques to meet sales projections, and a commitment to customer satisfaction. He prides himself on meeting and exceeding his sales plan every year and is not afraid to try new techniques to achieve sales; therefore he is the best candidate to implement this change in Puerto Rico. As a sales manager he should be able to supervise the sales representatives. He is also the responsible to send important information and reports to the headquarters in the US.
2. Tom Gonzalez (Sales Representative)
He has the ability to lead the team with his expertise in developing solutions-based products for the customer. Also, he has experience with the cleaning industry for over twenty-five years and has been working for EnviroTech for five years. He enjoys working to solve customer issues and for that, he establishes long-term relationships with customers and enjoys being the contact person for customers who are experiencing problems. Being Hispanic and bilingual, will be a great asset for him and the team to start operations in Puerto Rico.
3. Eric Borden (Sales Representative)
He has a solid reputation for serving the customer and helping the customer get the best products for the best prices. During fourteen years with the company, in addition to performing the role of team leader on several special projects which contributed to the financial growth of EnviroTech. He takes pride in keeping updated about the latest industrial cleaning and sanitation industry developments as well as on the changes to regulations and compliance issues affecting industry. Actually he doesnt speak Spanish, but he will be learning during the process.
4. Ving Hsu (Sales Representative)
He was hired 12 years ago for his abilities working with customers. His experience in training customers as well as employees will help the team to keep efficient and constantly trained. He has a good relation with his clients, and also has established an excellent reputation among them by being the person to get in contact if a problem occurs. Many of his friends are important contacts in the cleaning industry.
5. Terry Garcia (Sales Representative)
She was a former high school teacher, and was hired for her ability to communicate, educate, and use of critical thinking skills in problem resolution. This could help her giving trainings and educating employees. She is fluent in Spanish and English; therefore she could be a candidate to teach basic Spanish along with Tom to other employees with her experience as a teacher. As a team leader she understands the importance of working as a team to obtain positive final outcome and has excellent interpersonal skills and critical thinking. These abilities help her to make the right decision during difficult or unexpected situations.
Retention Plan
It is important to recognize that when a company makes a good selection process, it results will improve the surviving time of the employee within the organization. Besides selecting the right person for the position, there are several other ways that a company can implement to retain their talents. InterClean is a company that understands the needs of its employees; there forth it will make sure to establish different kinds of incentive and professional growth opportunities to the selected team.
By rewarding performance and effectiveness, InterClean ensures a better effective work environment, raising the chances for a longer ???surviving time??? of its employees. Better health insurance, productivity bonuses and Christmas bonuses, are some of the monetary benefits that InterClean will implement to guarantee the retention of the members of this team. Besides monetary compensation, the team members will also have the opportunity to improve their technical and professional skills by receiving training, coaching and mentoring. Having in consideration that is an overseas assignment, InterClean will assume all of the moving and relocation expenses.
Legal Framework
Now that InterClean has made the big step to merge with EnviroTech they are still having thoughts of creating a team and opening a new office in Puerto Rico. They would have to follow some laws and procedures to enter their business in the island. InterClean has to make sure that their company name is unique, register its trademark and name to the Dept. of State Registry of Marks and Commercial Names. They would also have to obtain a business certificate, file for an employee identification number with the IRS, turn in the EIN number to Puerto Rico Treasury Department, visit the municipality the business is going to open in and get a license. After InterCleans has followed all business procedures they must get an Application for Merchant??™s Registration Certificate and an Exemption Certificate. They must not forget to visit the Department of Labor for disability and unemployment account numbers, and subscribe for a workmen??™s insurance policy.
The labor law standard of Puerto Rico follows the same regulations and laws as in the United States. When new companies want to conduct a business in the island of Puerto Rico they have to know that its local statues offers far greater rights to its employees than any of the laws in the mainland. Once InterClean opens its business in the island they will have to learn more about their employees??™ rights and their obligation as employers. The new team members would have to have a good understanding of the state and federal laws. They should know all about benefits and wages, discrimination and harassment. By complying with their obligation and obeying Puerto Rico laws InterClean will have a great start in this island of great opportunities.
The job analysis information is an important part of a career development plan because it contains data about the organization direction and strategy, together with a plan of what needs to be done, and what resources are necessary to fulfill the objectives and goals of the organization. In order to achieve a better alignment with the new strategy, a workforce planning also comes together with the analysis because it helps align the team and resources to the strategic and business plan of human resources and the company. Of course taking the strategies set the factors of environmental, diversity, cultural, demographic and perhaps the most important the legal aspect are going to affect the implementation of the plan. Strategies need to centralize not only in the company but also in these factors. Having 5 employees with the highest standards on the industry will be a great start for InterClean in Puerto Rico. Every employee has abundant experience in his or her area. Having 2 employees speaking Spanish is great for the company. The selection process is a useful tool for every organization because if the company applies it correctly it will positively influence in the productivity and retention of the employees.

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